Audible Super Sci-Fi Sale.


Audible brings us another sale, I bring some recommendations.

Recommendations I’ve Read:

  1. Mutineer: Kris Longknife, Book 1 – Mike Shepherd : This is a good series, I’m quite fond of it and how it’s progressed over time.  Some facts from earlier books won’t become important until later on in the series. Which is always fun.
  2. Reamde – Neal Stephenson – This is up there with snow crash and anathema
  3. Starship: Flagship – Mike Resnick : book 5 in the series but I enjoyed the first book.
  4. The Human Division – John Scalzi : If you are a fan of the old man’s war, this is a must read.  This is basically a tv series, each episode is different, some great some just ok. If you haven’t read old man’s war I think you could just jump into this.
  5. The Lost Fleet: Dauntless –  Jack Campbell: Fun series. It’s gotten a bit stale for me over time.
  6. With the Lightnings: RCN Series, Book 1 – David Drake :  Master and commander in space.  I’ve enjoyed the books but after the first one you can pretty much read any of the rest of the series.  Hint’s dropped about the past are not followed up so far in the series.  If you like the master and commander formula then I’d recomend a non sale book “To Honor You Call Us” see below for details.
  7. The Siren Depths – Christopher Kipiniak : this is book 3 in a series. I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series.  It’s an interesting world that has been created.
  8. Earth Strike: Star Carrier, Book One – Ian Douglas : Read the ebook of this and own the first 4 of this series.
  9. Little Fuzzy  - H. Beam Piper : Old book that Scalzi has retold in Fuzzy Nation.  I enjoyed this one. contrasting it with the Scalzi reimagining is interesting.
  10. Homeworld: Odyssey One, Book 3 – Evan Currie :  fun read. don’t expect hard scifi or anything.

Things I’m interested in:

  1. Alien Honor: A Fenris Novel, Book 1
  2. Assignment in Eternity : heinlein, enough said.
  3. Firestar: Firestar Saga, Book 1
  4. Futureland: Nine Stories of an Imminent World

Non Sale Recomendations:

  1. To Honor You Call Us: Man of War, Book 1 – H. Paul Honsinger : This is one of my favorite scifi reads recently. I’m impatiently awaiting the 3rd book in this series.


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